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12 August 2013
nasia friends

Chat between two girls

Nasia, my daughter and my neighbor's granddaughter are having a chat in a very mysterious language.. something between english and greek I thnik so!

12 September 2013

A babur or an allien?

What a strange babur!!! It is eating his dinner ... I hope it will leave early!!!!

25 September 2013
stella friends

Stella with Marty and Paul Hager

Such a lovely couple Marty and Paul Hager!!!

25 August 2013
stella nasia

Stella & Nasia are ready to welcome you

Me and Nasia sitting on the door step of Kalnterimi!

Summer 2013

6 June 2013

Ellie the cat

Ellie the cat

Ellie is one of the oldest cats in the village!

She has beautiful colours of brown and black.

She loves so much her kitties...!!!

6 July 2013

Nasia's stories

Nasia, my little daughter, my lovely girl!

She loves to play with her imagination!!! She has a lot of friends as you see...!

Now she is thinking about a love song.. all her friends are ready for the song!!!