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6 August 2013
nasia pets

The passenger

Mr Tassos, the owner of the hotel ''Parthenon'' found this so cute and shy hedgehog! It was so thirsty!!!

Nasia, my daughter was so happy! The next day it has left... it was a day tourist!

4 July 2013

Good morning from Parthenonas

A beautiful rooster is on the roof!

I have a wonderful and kind neighbor, Lynn who has this so cute rooster on the roof ..

it is looking for something? or only viewing?

4 July 2012

Kitties kisses

Kisses kisses

Ellie's kitty and Sinefia first meet first kiss!!!

summer 2013

4 July 2013

A love story

The grasshopper and her lover...!

4 July 2013

Sinefia is my kitty!

Sinefia is my kitty!!!

You will meet her in the shop.. on the chair beside of me or in the yard taking a nap.!I am sure that you will love her and maybe you will photo her!

She uses sleeping in the big ceramic bowls...she is adorable!

She loves hugs and little children!

Everybody loves her!

4 July 2013

The pomegranate

The pomegranate!

In Parhthenonas are a lot of trees like this.. called pomegranate tree.

It has a beautiful smell, very nice flowers and we also make sweets and liquer from them.