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Καλντερίμι= kalnterimi=cobbled road

  In the cobbled street of the traditional village of Parthenon, in Halkidiki of Greece, you will meet a petit shop named ''Kalnterimi''.
 It’s been one year since I imagined “Kalnterimi” and my dream came true by opening in June 2013 my own little shop, inspired by the traditional architecture of North Greece and my passion for going back to my birth roots.
 Specialized in decorating and striving to offer quality merchandise assigned with passion and imagination, I am ready to welcome you with a warm smile and offer you my highest standard in respect of service.
Unique handmade products made in Greece, inspired jewelry and accessories, special gifts for kids, designed ceramics, creations by metal or wood will ensure that your needs are met above and beyond your expectations!
Looking forward to meeting you in “Kalnterimi” with more ideas and souvenirs!
Also feel free to visit our e-shop, in order to be informed for our daily updated new products!

Stella Grigoriou